Welcome to the New Year!

via Zu Galerie

via Zu Galerie

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013! There is nothing in this world better than a fresh start, a clean slate, and that’s exactly what the traditions of NYE are based on – celebrating the past and welcoming the future! After partying with the love of my life all night long in my sequins (and to-die for gold blazer), we nursed our hangovers over a bowl of the Pioneer Woman’s tortilla soup and made a list of resolutions that we look forward to conquering once our heads stop pounding so hard…

Welcome 2013 II

At the top of our list: healthier living! We’ve been noshing on Christmas cookies for three weeks straight and our running regime has deteriorated thanks to the colder weather (I’m a notoriously terrible winter runner), so we know this has to change ASAP. And what better way to get motivated for the miles ahead than to first invest in some warmer (super stylish) running clothes. . . .

Welcome 2013 III

1. North Face Jacket  2. CamelBak Bottle  3. Target Fleece Gloves  4. Asics Running Shoes  5. Nike Leggings  6. iPod Nano  7. Flashing Arm Band  8. Nike GPS Watch  9. Athleta Tank

Happy New Year, ya’ll! I look forward to getting in shape and staying focused with our second resolution tomorrow. . . .

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