Target Sale Alert: Get Organized!

Target Bins 1

Target sale alert! Target sale alert! No, seriously – if getting organized is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then this alert is definitely sounded just for you! After sniffling our way into Target this afternoon due to a much unwanted cold, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the two rows filled with newly discounted storage bins, all quirkily colored and patterned. I grabbed just about every bin (all between $3-$6!!) I could wrap my arms around, threw in a couple of cold medicine boxes, and we hurried our way home to set up shop. . . .

Target Bins 2

The term “obsessed” is definitely an understatement when describing my feelings towards my new organization unit because these bins were exactly what we needed to pack away all those loose papers and folders us teachers can never keep straight. I scoured the Target website to find and share these super steals but, lo and behold, they are almost no where to be found (or priced slightly hired for what I paid for them). Which meaaaans – RUN TO TARGET! Go! Now! Hit the sale aisle and grab you some cheap, cheap storage bins – they come in red, green, black, and aqua – to help you with that resolution you need to keep!

Target Bins 3

Find these best in stores: (1) Chevron Small Bin $3.48 – (2) Medium Weave Basket $3.98 – (3) Chevron Bin with Lid $6.48 – (4) Chevron Large Bin $6.78

3 thoughts on “Target Sale Alert: Get Organized!

    • Hope you were able to get your hands on some! My mama went yesterday to her local Target and couldn’t find a single one! Love/hate good Target sale gear – haha!


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