Working (and playing) From Home. . . .

Work from Home Style

Unlike the majority of my office friends who returned to their work and sloppy desks today, I have one – yes, ONE – single week still left of my winter vacation, and I must make the most of it if I intend to start on the right foot this semester. This, of course, means I went “back to work” in the comfort of my own home, which is as wonderful as it is distracting (oh man, what happened to staying focused?!). So after a few hours of chugging coffee, making calendars, and tip-typing away on some literary goods, I decided a break was in order – especially since I was quite enamored with the comfy outfit I had chosen to throw on this morning. Nothing beats leggings and a long denim shirt – well…maybe sweet sequin bow cardigans do, but that’s always up for discussion. . . .

Work from Home Style 2Work from Home Style 3J.Crew Bow Sequin Cardigan (in stores on sale!) // J.Crew Denim Shirt (Men’s Small) // H&M Knit Scarf (old) // Forever 21 Black Leggings

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