Madewell in Fort Worth, TX!

Madewell Fort Worth

It’s a glorious miracle!  Madewell has FINALLY graced Fort Worth with its presence, and of COURSE, I was first in line this morning to see what the beautiful new boutique would now have to offer my town. Really, this is huge news for Fort Worthians, who have recently seen Anthroplogie and J.Crew (the big 2, I like to call them) move into the same University Park station that now houses Madewell, so a real-life, shopper’s paradise now exists outside of and away from the Dallas mecca of retail. I’m going to save a ridiculous amount on gas, no longer having to commute to the mall, and thus will be able to spend it on sweet bow tees like the one I bought today – WITH MY $20 GIFT CARD! Weeee! Yes, Madewell was AMAZING enough to hand out not only gift cards, but Texas themed tote bags! It was like Christmas sans the crazy family and the burnt ham! And if you hurry now (and you live in the area), go on and get some deals. ABSOLUTELY worth it! 🙂

Madewell Fort Worth | Bow TeeMadewell Fort Worth | Texas Tote*P.S. Sorry for the terrible photo quality – my brother took my big-boy camera, so I’m stuck with the iPhone! Alas, enjoy!*

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