Sweet Spot: Magnolia Cheese Company

MagnoliaCheese1During my blog hiatus, the hubs and I have ate and drank our way through Fort Worth, and it’s been worth the extra pounds we’ve been gaining since there are SO many new places to wine and dine these days. Our favorite lately: Magnolia Cheese Company, the quaintest little café and artisan cheese shop on the sweetest little corner of up-and-coming Magnolia Avenue near Southside. Even if you don’t live in the area and can’t enjoy a big ol’ Texas Cheese plank (that’s the delicious treat you see above!), you can at least enjoy their beautiful logo design, heavenly blue painted walls, and chalkboard menu board. If Anthropologie suddenly decided to open a cheese shop, this little gem would be exactly what they’d envision. Specializing in wines, cheese, local fare (we picked up an awesome jar of honey), and big tasty sandwiches that make me drool just thinking about them, this sweet spot is a must-visit when you finally make your way over to the Fort. We’ll save you a seat!  🙂

MagnoliaCheese2MagnoliaCheese3** You can find Magnolia Cheese Co. at: 1251 W Magnolia AveFort WorthTX.(817) 945-2221 **

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