Mamas and Monograms. . . .

mamaandmonogramsHappy belated Mother’s Day to those of you hot mamas out there who *hopefully* had a beautiful Sunday being pampered and prettied all day long! We had a lovely time with mama yesterday – as you can see from our inability to keep a straight face in any photo taken (these were two of about ten takes)! She’s my inspiration, my rock, and my best friend – so happy to still live so close by because we always keep things entertaining. Love you, mama!

. . . .oh, and perhaps you’ve noticed in the pictures above my absolutely ADORABLE monogrammed tank top my husband very sneakily purchased off Etsy! As a summer vacation present for finishing a very, very (very, very) long semester, he surprised me with the treat Friday, and I am YET to take it off  – no, seriously, I love it!

mamaandmonogram2Monograms Express Tank Top on Etsy $25 // Tory Burch Aida Glitter Flip Flops $60

But his gift really made me remember (1) monograms rock and they should appear everywhere and anywhere they can and (2) monograms are EVERYWHERE on Etsy!! So many companies are ready and willing to take down your initials and spin those puppies right into your new favorite had or sweatshirt or iPhone case – seriously, there are so many options, but here are a few of my favorite things. . . .

Monograms11. Necklace 45.99, Monogram Personalized // 2. Floppy Hat $21.95, Monogram Express // 3. Pullover Sweatshirt $27.95, Teta Active Apparel // 4. iPhone 5 Case $20.99, Create It Your Way // 5. Stud Earrings $9, Pish Posh Pendants // 6. Tumbler $10, Decal Innovations // 7. iPhone Charger Decals $3, Four Pandas

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