Wedding Creeping. . . .

It’s true: I love weddings, and I love creeping. Put them together? You get a three-year old bride who enjoys being awkwardly nosey, snooping around, and snapping phone photos every time the word “wedding” is even uttered – especially if the word is used in regards to a venue or decor or florals or letterpress or – ok, anytime, really. This past weekend my mama and I were shopping downtown McKinney, my lil’ hometown, when lo and behold we stumble across a new and absolutely shabby chic venue known around those parts as The Flour Mill.

The_Flour_Mill_in_McKinney,_TexasThis little diamond in the rough is teeming with culture and history, and I’m telling you right now that had this place been around three years ago, I most certainly would have seized the opportunity to lock down such a fine piece of my hometown history. Erected in 1872 by the Farmer’s Alliance, the McKinney Flour Mill was one of the earliest mills associated with the developing grain processing industry. Years and years (and years) later, it sat unused but occupied by scores of industrial antiques, immaculate hardwood architecture, and a few wispy cobwebs that were easily wiped away when the decision came to renovate the historic beast of a building. Today, with all its rustic charm and grandeur, the Flour Mill is now home to several businesses and the backdrop for events such as – you guessed it – elegant weddings that make you gasp upon entering. And luckily, for mama and I, that’s exactly what we got to do as we creeped on into the Flour Mill to find a breathtaking wedding being set up for the evening. . .

Baby's Breath Wreath at the Flour Mill, McKinney TXAbout the time I realized that we had stumbled onto a wedding day decor gold mine, I started punching myself in the face for forgetting my professional camera. Alas, the iPhone camera only caught a few decent photos to share the loveliness we were able to play party to, if only for a a few minutes. . . .

Lemonade Station at the Flour Mill, McKinney TXFavors at the Flour Mill Venue, McKinney TXFlour Mill, McKinney TX, Photo: Emily Davis PhotographySo, of course, you can creep on more suitable examples of weddings at the McKinney Flour Mill (as I was forced to above with Emily Davis Photography) right here – which I highly recommend doing, especially if you’re a shameless wedding creep like me.  And if you’re looking for more contact information. . . .

Contact: Andrea Johnson . 972-259-0034

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