Who I am: a twenty-something Fort Worthian // new blogger // word composer // avid reader // relentless but savvy shopper // TCU graduate // PhD candidate in American Literature & Ecocritical studies // ardently typing from a porch in the sun

What inspires me: a life of love // the search for worth // long outdoor runs // stacks of hardback books // early mornings // colorful frocks & satin bows // a green landscape // a guy named William Faulkner // the sounds of Sufjan Stevens // thoughtful discourse

I will never grow sick of: blank pages of looseleaf paper & ballpoint pens // lazy Sundays // satire // college football // purchasing power // stuff on sale // my sweet husband

What I truly love: the written word // antique Royal typewriters // letterpress // Upstate New York // estate sales & flea markets // Tory Burch flip-flops // J. Crew dresses // the smell of rain // Diet Coke with lime // road trips // persistence // the underdog

20 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I LOVE that you are doing this blog! I am just now seeing it for the first time. It is so you and of course, written so well with so much personality 🙂 Love it and love you!

  2. Hi, I’ve been following you for a month or so. I am a member of Etsy Fort Worth and we are promoting our Cowtown Indie Bazaar which takes place on Oct 15. It’s an all handmade event and I would like to send you a press release and a link to the site. You can reach me at mindi@thereddogbarkery.com if you are interested.

    Also, just curious if you knew there is a wine named “Worthy”. I saw it the other and instantly thought of you.

    • Hi Mindi! So glad you found me – and yes! I went to the Cowtown Indie Bazaar last year and had a fabulous time! I would love to link the press release! I’ll e-mail you now…

      And I had no idea about the “Worthy” wine! So fun – I’ll start searching for a few bottles! Cheers!

  3. Being from Upstate, I’m wondering if you are too. It’s so beautiful there- especially now. H O W E V E R, the shopping cannot compare to what we have here!!!!

    • Actually, my entire family is from the little town of Dunkirk (next to Fredonia? heard of it?)! The shopping was always such a drag – my mom and I even tried our hand at opening a speciality boutique in the Fredonia Square to motivate some fashion!

      Where are you from? Glad you’ve found me!

      • Just outside of Buffalo – went to Canisius college. Grew up in West Seneca and East Aurora – both pretty but “shopping deprived” towns. Certainly have heard of and been to Dunkirk and Fredonia. Have many friends who went to SUNY there. Live in Fairview now, just south of McKinney, about 5 mins from the square. Am an artist, designer, and AVID bargain shopper. My family (I’m the 50 yo mom) thinks I’m on the road to hoarding!

  4. Thanks for noticing the blog! If you ever want to chat about American Lit I’m your guy. Quit the PhD track as life with two in diapers and wife and I with new jobs was all too much. Worked out just fine in the end. I’m sure you’re gonna kill your dissertation and get off to a flying start. It is too early to offer Emerson’s words to Whitman upon receiving his copy of Leaves of Grass? I’ll wait so as not to jinx your hard work. Best of luck!

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