Madewell in Fort Worth, TX!

Madewell Fort Worth

It’s a glorious miracle!  Madewell has FINALLY graced Fort Worth with its presence, and of COURSE, I was first in line this morning to see what the beautiful new boutique would now have to offer my town. Really, this is huge news for Fort Worthians, who have recently seen Anthroplogie and J.Crew (the big 2, I like to call them) move into the same University Park station that now houses Madewell, so a real-life, shopper’s paradise now exists outside of and away from the Dallas mecca of retail. I’m going to save a ridiculous amount on gas, no longer having to commute to the mall, and thus will be able to spend it on sweet bow tees like the one I bought today – WITH MY $20 GIFT CARD! Weeee! Yes, Madewell was AMAZING enough to hand out not only gift cards, but Texas themed tote bags! It was like Christmas sans the crazy family and the burnt ham! And if you hurry now (and you live in the area), go on and get some deals. ABSOLUTELY worth it! 🙂

Madewell Fort Worth | Bow TeeMadewell Fort Worth | Texas Tote*P.S. Sorry for the terrible photo quality – my brother took my big-boy camera, so I’m stuck with the iPhone! Alas, enjoy!*


Working (and playing) From Home. . . .

Work from Home Style

Unlike the majority of my office friends who returned to their work and sloppy desks today, I have one – yes, ONE – single week still left of my winter vacation, and I must make the most of it if I intend to start on the right foot this semester. This, of course, means I went “back to work” in the comfort of my own home, which is as wonderful as it is distracting (oh man, what happened to staying focused?!). So after a few hours of chugging coffee, making calendars, and tip-typing away on some literary goods, I decided a break was in order – especially since I was quite enamored with the comfy outfit I had chosen to throw on this morning. Nothing beats leggings and a long denim shirt – well…maybe sweet sequin bow cardigans do, but that’s always up for discussion. . . .

Work from Home Style 2Work from Home Style 3J.Crew Bow Sequin Cardigan (in stores on sale!) // J.Crew Denim Shirt (Men’s Small) // H&M Knit Scarf (old) // Forever 21 Black Leggings

Target Sale Alert: Get Organized!

Target Bins 1

Target sale alert! Target sale alert! No, seriously – if getting organized is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then this alert is definitely sounded just for you! After sniffling our way into Target this afternoon due to a much unwanted cold, I couldn’t help but be distracted by the two rows filled with newly discounted storage bins, all quirkily colored and patterned. I grabbed just about every bin (all between $3-$6!!) I could wrap my arms around, threw in a couple of cold medicine boxes, and we hurried our way home to set up shop. . . .

Target Bins 2

The term “obsessed” is definitely an understatement when describing my feelings towards my new organization unit because these bins were exactly what we needed to pack away all those loose papers and folders us teachers can never keep straight. I scoured the Target website to find and share these super steals but, lo and behold, they are almost no where to be found (or priced slightly hired for what I paid for them). Which meaaaans – RUN TO TARGET! Go! Now! Hit the sale aisle and grab you some cheap, cheap storage bins – they come in red, green, black, and aqua – to help you with that resolution you need to keep!

Target Bins 3

Find these best in stores: (1) Chevron Small Bin $3.48 – (2) Medium Weave Basket $3.98 – (3) Chevron Bin with Lid $6.48 – (4) Chevron Large Bin $6.78

Resolution #2: Stay Focused

Stay Focused 2013

While this resolution seems quite broad – and in that, the most difficult to tackle in only a year’s time – it’s a ridiculously important one for someone like me who loves being distracted and is often overcome with anxiety from the amount of projects I decide to take on. Staying focused is also imperative this year if I’m going to finish this never-ending doctorate I’ve been pacing around for the past few years, as I’m in my last year of coursework and it’s getting much harder to suck it up and just work. That said, I need a plan, and a good one at that – and perhaps you do, too, if you want to keep an eye on your prize all year long (and not just the first three weeks like many resolution lifespans). Here’s three new exercises I’m quite fond of that will hopefully detoxify all those distractors (*cough* pinterest *cough*) from an ever-stressful regime. . . .


via In or Out Media on Etsy, $22

via In or Out Media on Etsy, $22

No, not that stupid iPhone calendar that sends you notifications that are easily silenced and ignored and then wind up screwing up your whole schedule. While the multitasking iPhone or iPad is a great electronic resource, nothing – and I mean, nothing – beats a nice piece of planner paper that you can scratch on and make your own, that stares at you everyday and blatantly screams in your face, “get your shit together!” That’s why I am a huge fan of wall calendars – you can’t ignore them, especially when they are hanging in every room. The options are pretty endless (Design Sponge just had an AMAZING spread on wall calendars that is a MUST see!), and because there are so many, one in every room is not a bad idea (for someone like me with an attention span of .0001 seconds). My favorite is actually in our kitchen by In or Out Media on Etsy (the BEST place for finding paper goods!). At only $22, it’s absolutely worth it to always stay attuned to what the full year has to say as opposed to just the week or the month. Planning, good. iPhone, bad.


via Skinnytaste, Caramelized Onion, Red Pepper & Zucchini Frittata

via Skinnytaste, Caramelized Onion, Red Pepper & Zucchini Frittata

Say whaaat?! Yeah, you heard me right – eating a good breakfast can kick start any day when there are 209834938497 things to do and only 24 hours to do them all in. Why? Because (a) when you plan on eating breakfast, you plan on doing something within a certain timeframe; ergo, you’re mind is preset to plan – and (b) your feeding your brain, which is about to go into super crunch-mode the second you hit the books. It needs fuuuuuel! Fuel it. Fuel it with Skinnytaste recipes like the one I’ve posted above – super easy (and trust me, I’m not a cook!), you can prepare it the night before, and it’ll last all week long. Not only are you saving time, your saving yourself from fatigue, which often happens as soon as 10AM rolls around and your stomach is in knots and all you want to do is watch Netflix on your phone. EAT BREAKFAST! And if your not into cooking, invest in some Greek yogurt (my favorite is from Green Mountain Creamery) and a bag of granola (best are from Sprouts) next time your grocery shopping. It’s easy, it’s healthy, it’ll put you to work!


via Shevon/Nacho on Etsy, $15

via Shevon/Nacho on Etsy, $15

“But Meghan, you’re working online right now – totally counterproductive, Ms. Know-it-all…”

Okay, yes, you’ve got me there. I am the QUEEN of online working/writing/twittering/blogging/emailing/fact-checking, but it is seriously – no, seriously – imperative for me to take breaks from staring at the computer screen and refocusing on something more tangible and adjustable – like wielding a pencil and a pad of paper, as old folks did way back in the day. Try shutting the computer down, putting your phone on silent, pushing aside the ipad at least once every hour and see what great ideas can come from not having the option to Pinterest or Facebook creep. For that little slice of time, keep a notebook on your desk – yes, a notebook, not a pad of paper (although those work just fine too). I accentuate the importance of a notebook because then you have a stellar think-tank just sitting by all the time, all in the same place, not scattered across your messy desk. Specifically, I’m drooling over the Shevon/Nacho paper pack above, but notebooks are everywhere (love me some from Anthropologie and Paper Source and these notebooks by Anatarlatana are also amazing), so have some fun checking out your options – but not too much fun like I usually have because then you’ll never get anything done…

Here’s to staying focused today (and being patient tomorrow). . . .

Welcome to the New Year!

via Zu Galerie

via Zu Galerie

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013! There is nothing in this world better than a fresh start, a clean slate, and that’s exactly what the traditions of NYE are based on – celebrating the past and welcoming the future! After partying with the love of my life all night long in my sequins (and to-die for gold blazer), we nursed our hangovers over a bowl of the Pioneer Woman’s tortilla soup and made a list of resolutions that we look forward to conquering once our heads stop pounding so hard…

Welcome 2013 II

At the top of our list: healthier living! We’ve been noshing on Christmas cookies for three weeks straight and our running regime has deteriorated thanks to the colder weather (I’m a notoriously terrible winter runner), so we know this has to change ASAP. And what better way to get motivated for the miles ahead than to first invest in some warmer (super stylish) running clothes. . . .

Welcome 2013 III

1. North Face Jacket  2. CamelBak Bottle  3. Target Fleece Gloves  4. Asics Running Shoes  5. Nike Leggings  6. iPod Nano  7. Flashing Arm Band  8. Nike GPS Watch  9. Athleta Tank

Happy New Year, ya’ll! I look forward to getting in shape and staying focused with our second resolution tomorrow. . . .

Queen of Tartan

Queen of Tartan 1

When I turned around to look in the mirror yesterday morning, I realized I looked like Burberry had thrown up all over me. Then I noticed: I’m okay with this because (a) it’s mostly Burberry treats from Christmas and (b) Tartan is too cool for school. The amount of plaid going on in the shopping world – especially around the holiday – is quite fantastic, which is why I’ve put together the best of what I’ve seen around the web if your wish (like mine) is to fill your closet full of happy patterns…

Queen of Tartan 2

clockwise: Target Trench $34.98 // McQueen Laptop Case $85 // Pendelton Throw $88 // Forever 21 Trapper Hat $6.85 // LeMatch at Etsy Notebook $6.40 // Marni Top $178 // Denim Leggings by Topshop $50 // Tumbler Set by Target $6.98 // Burberry Gloves $375 // Burberry Rainboots $225 // 

Around the Vine

Christmas Goodies

Ah, the saddest time of the year – taking down the tree, putting away the boxes of goodies, realizing you’ve devoured every single Christmas cookie you planned to send to relatives. The only upside to the days after is how much time you get to spend ogling at your gifts and admiring how perfectly all those new shoes and purses are going to fit into your wardrobe. Needless to say, I am highly obsessed with a certain Vineyard Vines goodie collection my brother bought me for Christmas because (a) Vineyard Vines is frat-tastic and (b) their mascot is a pretty pink whale – could it all get any cuter?! 

Around the Vine1

Around the Vine 2

And yes, that’s a coozie in the shape of a whale (only $5!!). And it just might be my favorite gift ever! The sweater, unfortunately, isn’t listed online – however this fleece pullover is, as is this logo long sleeve tee that I just can’t take off -, but you too can override the system like my awesome brother did and go directly to one of their beautiful stores and treat yo’ self!

A Merry {worthy} Christmas to you!

Well, hello there! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! SO nice to see you again – it’s been far, far too long since my last post, but if you recall from freer times when schedules were open and stress was low, I have a tendency to disappear from my favorite virtual spot in the world when school starts kicking my ass. It was a rough one, I tell ya, but somehow I’ve made it through, hopefully just in time to catch you snuggled up on the couch, monogrammed coffee mug in hand, laptop strategically balanced in lap, perhaps waiting for an update from yours truly. Or at least a little eye candy, which I most definitely can provide. I’m not going anywhere or doing anything else for the time being because I’m ((surprisingly)) stuck in this little white world called Texas…


So while time is aplenty and the fireplace is crackling on high, here’s a much happier photographic list of my little family’s activities while I’ve been on this hiatus from the worthiest place online. My hope – my prayer! – is to get back into the groove of blog things because really, truly, I’ve missed you all!

Recently Updated256


Happy holidays, friends! 🙂

animal instincts

I knew it would only take one week of class to take me away from the blog I love most! But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you ((how could I?!)) or how to waste time looking at pretty things on Pinterest ((girl needs a break sometimes!)) or how to shop for ridiculously cute animal print blouses in between classes ((for example)). . . . .

And once the Zara blouse was safely purchased and brought home and worn ((multiple times already, really)), I caught the animal bug – yes, there’s an animal bug going around, I suggest you watch your step ((and your wallet!)). It seems everything is printed these days with a cheetah or an elephant or a fabulous french hen, and I am more than happy indulge in a few more wild pieces. . . .

j.crew french hen sweater // cheetah blouse // h&m fox sweater // alex monroe bird earrings // tory burch ella tote // rifle & co zebra notes // ted baker dog bobble wallet // deer scarf // kate spade camels on parade ipad case // owl notebook // elephant bookends

cameo appearance

I seriously adore a traditional silhouette portraiture – even more so if it’s straight-up Victorian and vintage. I’ve even started my own personal collection that will one day fill up an entire wall in my home. . . .

See that little button nose child with a sweet bow at the bottom? Totally me at Walt Disney World, circa 1992. Such a babe ((such a keepsake!)). Anywho, until I scour enough estate sales and flea markets to fill this ugly ass white wall, I can fill the victorian void with a few cameo pieces in my wardrobe ((and home!)). . . .

sherlock holmes pillow // miu miu cameo necklace // aspinal queen’s jubilee wallet // cameo earrings // pink cameo ring // circle coin purse // kissing papercut // his & her silhouette plates

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