Fall Color Trend Finale: Quarry

quar•ry (noun): ¹an excavation or pit, usually open to the air, from which building stone, slate, or the like, is obtained by cutting, blasting, etc. ²an abundant source or supply ³a bitchin’ bluish-gray color from the Pantone Fashion Color Report for fall 2011.

1. DVF Trelodie Tie Neck Blouse $245, Shopbop.com // 2. Open Knit Sweater 19.80 & Blue Jeweled Necklace $7.80, Forever 21 // 3. Blue Pave Bow Stud Earrings $42, Juicy Couture // 4. Hill-Side Chambray HandKerchief $39, Madewell // 5. Mott Street Fisher Tote $345, Kate Spade NY // 6. Golden Spectrum Sweater Skirt $398, Anthropologie //

We’ve finally reached the end of the Pantone color rainbow with a hue that exudes its root word meaning. Made to mimic the sparkling aesthetic of an unearthed gem, quarry is as elusive as its sister-shade, orchid hush – only a tad blue-greener and made to remind us of iced window panes and steaming cups of tea. Hard to put your finger on but still as desirable to those of us who love a good blue – or a fresh turquoise necklace, unleashed from the dog days of summer. I also love a comfy sweater skirt that avoids the dumpy look – like this rainbow jewel from Anthropologie, which also streams a handful of other Pantonian fall colors we’ve visited throughout this excursion. My favorite? Hill-side hankies – call me old fashioned (please!), but the thought of tucking one into a blazer pocket or just having a polite token ready to go the next time I hear an a-choo really tickles my heartstrings.

Whatever color you choose to incorporate into your fall wardrobe, do it with smile – those are always in style. 🙂

Wishing you happy fall days full of football, falling leaves, and of course, fun fashion!

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